Importance of Missionaries in the Church

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One of the primary responsibilities that Christ left to Christians is to make him known worldwide. As seen in Matthew 28:18-20, the greatest commission is to take the gospel to the world. However, not everyone can travel preaching due to varied reasons like responsibilities and other graces and gifting, as the Apostle Paul says. Therefore, the missionaries spread the gospel on behalf of other Christians.
The Apostles like Paul, Timothy, and Peter are excellent examples of missionaries who took the gospel far and wide to reach unreached people groups and areas. Missionaries do more than preaching the gospel, as we’ll see in this article.

Here are some of the crucial roles missionaries play in the church:

To Spread the Gospel

a missionary spreading the gospelSince not everyone may have the time and resources to take the gospel around the world, the church today appoints missionaries to go on behalf of the members. Most of …

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